The Drones (And Karlito) Conquer The Parade of Fendi Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015

Karl Lagerfeld He is a master of the show. It does in Chanel with his always impeccable and fanciful staging and now try it with Fendi next to Silvia Fendi the hand of Google along with innovative technology. Your new collection autumn-winter 2014 / 2105 It has had guests for the air to show us a new way of seeing the parade thanks to the drones of fashion.

The Milan fashion week has tested the technological advantages of drones in first person. In addition to regular cameras located at the end of the catwalk and on the sides of this getting flat details of the new looks drones gave us an aerial view of the proposals of Fendi.

Google has provided drones technology to be able to broadcast live the Fendi show with unique planes. If Burberry distanced itself from the competition with a parade conquered by the iPhone 5 the Italian firm enrolls both from the heights while we continue to see its retro taste reviewing military style with more camouflage, large shelters, the more elegant furs yeti and a winter where the darkness bet is clear.

For the moment, we are left with the video of the parade and the drones flying over the models. In coming days, Fendi will launch new content on its website about the preparations for this experiment between technology and fashion.

Now, the particular star were not the drones but the new Fendi handbag: Karlito that takes over to the previous attachment with your fun hair head.