Ralph Lauren Manufactures Only Two Copies of Your Watch Stirrup Enamel, If This Not Is Exclusivity!

Ralph Lauren Manufactures Only Two Copies of Your Watch Stirrup Enamel, If This Not Is Exclusivity!

Since its inception, Ralph Lauren It has always been synonymous with elegance, refinement and timelessness; values that we there is also, of course, in the timepieces of the brand.

This year the sport of polo seems to be more fashionable than ever. How is noticed that the calendar Chinese 2014 is the! year of the horse! So much so that several brands of luxury watches have been inspired by this sport, although reinterpreting their codes with style and elegance.

In mid-July we presented the latest reinterpretation of the Hermes Arceau clock. A watch launched in 1970, baptized with this name in honor of a bracket that did not hesitate to become an iconic symbol for this brand of handbags.

A beautiful series of three watches, which he called Arceau Cheval d’Orient, and that only produced 24 units, recognizable from afar because the horses were covered by colorful blankets of Persian style.

In Ralph Lauren equestrian inspiration is also symptomatic. And your Stirrup model even reproduce the shape of a Stirrup. As well, the designer asked that they replacing two clocks Ralph Lauren Stirrup Enamel playing in the field the famous brand in which you can see a horse and a rider playing polo logo.

In the following video you can see the technique used by expert lacadores who, with patience and expertise, were deposited with the help of a brush thirty layers of black or green enamel, using the champlevé.

The perfect canvas where to apply a miniature painting that reproduced the famous logo, through fifteen different colors, with a brush of a hair only and with the help of a binocular microscope.

A fondant then polishing, which considerably increases the complexity and laboriousness of these works, which require more than is used to seal this artisan work Eighty hours of work. It is not surprising, therefore, that have done only two units. If they sell well, I imagine that then you also can order custom.

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