Luby Lab Presents The New Collection Van Alexis Designer Peter Nitz

Since its inception, Luby Lab has been characterized by bring to Spain the most cutting-edge and exclusive signatures to your space, so when Beatriz Somolinos, Director of it, last week invited us to see a firm of international prestige as it is Switzerland Van Alexis in the Luby Lab space, We do not doubt it a moment.

The Luby Lab space, created by Laura Ponte and Luis Feliu of the Penanos reserved a pleasant surprise. Collection of handbags for every occasion and every taste, perfect finish, a wide range of colors and sizes and the aspiration of a timeless design with traditional craftsmanship. In addition, Beatriz told me that the designer of the firm would come to Spain shortly. Unfortunately, it was impossible to attend the master class that the designer Peter Nitz She taught in the space, because of having another life, apart from the bloggler.

Signature born in Zurich in 2009, from the hand of the American designer Peter Nitz and Mario Margelist It has produced handcrafted handbag collection and has carved a niche among large firms. The designs are contemporary clean lines and the materials of the highest quality.

As in previous collections for autumn winter 2014 / 2015, Van Alexis a very diverse collection, where is not missing from the classic bag, authentic shopping bag, the totes (my favorite and) of all mothers for every day) to the more cosmopolitan, with clutchs ultra feminine and beautiful portfolio night.

Van Alexis emphasizes the quality of the skin and other materials, manufacturing excellence and timelessness of the design. It’s bags “for life”. Luxury materials are sought after among the best suppliers.

If in 2009, Van Alexis was just a newborn signature, its uniqueness has managed that in just two years, from 2011, has made collaborations with firms in the category of Kuoni launching K1 travel bag sold exclusively at Colette, (Paris), Azature with whom he has created a clutch in black crocodile with a hexagonal close in black diamond and the Deluxe engine giant, BMW It has carried out the creation of a bag inspired for the car to be sold in the flagship of the brand in the Champs Elysées in Paris.

No doubt a firm that it will give much to talk about. Luby Lab presents the new Van Alexis collection of designer Peter Nitz