Gucci Collaborates with UNICEF for Fifth Consecutive Year: Snowman in Paradise

Do you want to make a? at the same time solidarity and Christmas luxury gift? With Gucci It’s possible. It is the fifth consecutive year that the Italian firm collaborates with UNICEF, on this occasion makes it creating a fun collection of handbags, purses and keychains.

Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci has been the thinking of this new collection. Giannini, commissioned writer and Illustrator Michael Roberts a continuation of his children’s book Snowman in Paradise. The book will be sold exclusively at Gucci stores and on its website. Twenty-five dollars the selling price, will go entirely to UNICEF.

See illustrations of Roberts in bags Joy Bags, key chains and wallets designed by Giannini, which seamlessly integrate into most iconic signature prints. In addition, they have also created greetings cards with illustrations of the book of Roberts.

Both the Joy Bags, the charms, leather accessories and gift cards will go on sale in stores from Gucci from more than 20 countries from today November 16 through December 31, also through its website. 25% of its price will be donated to UNICEF.

To continue the collaboration for many years, and that it cunda example.

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