Crazy about The Backpack Chanel Grafitera, Each Day There Are More The Than Succumb to The Temptation to

Crazy about The Backpack Chanel Grafitera, Each Day There Are More The Than Succumb to The Temptation to

Last summer were thelpargatas bicolor and this year the grafitera backpack, It is clear that Chanel bet by the phenomena of fashion to sell series of its products to all lovers of the French firm and for those who are not so. You will remember the last parade of September directed by Karl Lagerfeld at the Grand Palais in Paris, where he rode a giant art gallery, the models carried handbags and backpacks of canvas graffiti drawings and more alternative chains. At the time also called much attention but seems that they gradually joining this curious backpack fashion followers.

The backpack, a product that is not really very normally, sued has become the new darling of Chanel. It has had a fare sale in Colette, one of the chic stores of the French capital, and have been exhausted in a few days making the most select public graffiti artists for a day. The price of this accessory is around 3,000 euros, something nothing strange if we think in Chanel but rather high if we stop to think in a canvas backpack. In particular seems to me great and I’d love to do me with a, but now there are many stars who shine it in their day to day.

Opinion leaders already have their way, not stopping to see Chiara Ferragni’s blog these days The Blonde Salad with your Chanel backpack at the Coachella festival, also saw it enough in the previous edition of the Paris Fashion Week bloggers as Bryan Boy or the Spanish Pelayo Díaz and a very famous models such as the Asian Fei Fei Sun. In Spain some of the editors of the best-known magazines have also surrendered to urban fashion and already have in their closets this wonderful piece of desire. It is clear that we can not stop seen in social networks and that leads us to purchase.

You may like you more or less but the truth is that it is quite original, Chanel knows reinvented in every season and here we have the proof of this. You can find it in several colors even if their acquisition is not nothing simple because of the limited units but I am insurance if you want it so much as I nothing you can resist you this wonder has created the great Karl Lagerfeld.

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