Bag Miss Sicily Dolce & Gabbana Now in Mini Format, Made in Leather, in Cheerful and Refreshing Colors

The iconic Miss Sicily bag inspired by the impeccable and timeless elegance of Italian women, interprets the values and ideals of the firm Dolce & Gabbana in a modern manner.

Made with traditional materials such as lace, macramé or bulrush, it is reminiscent of bags made by hand in the 1950s. Probably you will remember it better when I tell you it was who wore the model Eva Herzigova in the visual for the last summer collection.

The case is that you for this season, the elegance and the rigour of these bags, strictly “Made in Italy”, has been subject to a small restyling to reduce its size and transform their laces, embroideries and brocades in a fantastic skin of calf, the best quality, fresh colors forming a lively mosaic.

A declaration of style, carried out by Domenico and Stefano so we can buy this mini bag Web page online. The price of this fantastic bag is 995 euros, which is not bad if we take into account that it is half what they tend to cost this brand handbags.