Taylor Swift’s Favorite Bags

Who knows what is It Bags? Are the most beloved designer handbags and coveted by girls and women around the world.
Celebrities parade with them all the time, and in the case of Taylor Swift, American singer and instrumentalist who won several Grammys, and Muse of very young girls.

Taylor Swift's Favorite Bags

She has their preferences, and say you love the brown bags of collections from Ralph Lauren. Of course, it was much photographed carrying these dreams of consumption between New York and Hollywood. But let’s see the models and brands of the singer’s favorite handbags (definitions of handbags: Digopaul).

The exclusive leather handbag saddle Pony Ralph Lauren, in suede and leather brown, legitimate has a country charm, suitable to the music style of the composer, which plays very well the role of Country Pop girl.
This large size bag with embroidered riding saddle, got a handle and shoulder strap front closure with pala.
She accompanies very well a look with riding boots, but can be in a dress or skirt, to give more femininity.
They say this Ralph Lauren model is out of print. So, we find it in used car sales sites.

Dolce & Gabbana:
The classic style of the brand is always present in the pictures you take of the singer. Dolce & Gabbana model Sara is in genuine leather, has metal closure on the top and short handle, which makes it a Handbag or purse.
Has four round metal spikes at the bottom, as if they were four feet. The format is bag, or bag, and fits a lot inside. Of course that is lined and has multiple compartments on the inside, it’s a real sweet spot for anyone who loves handbags.

Christian Louboutin:
The model Farida of Christian Louboutin is a leather and suede, this award-winning fashion designer who launched the famous red soled shoes stiletto heel.
Farida is a purse Tote model, big and spacious as the most used by the singer, and your design has cutouts and geometric stitching and metal inserts. The Tote has downloadable hand shoulder straps, and your profile is flat, which is comfortable and fits snugly under the arm.
This beauty has been photographed in the hands of Taylor Swift and is a bag of dreams. With value that exceeds $1,800, is superestilosa, and his two types of leather are opaque and shiny beautiful contrast.